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The DSA Partnership Award is given annually to one firm in the industry for their customer satisfaction and industry contribution by the Direct Sales Association

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If you want to learn how to launch your direct selling business following best practices, reducing your risk of failure and increasing your chance of success... come join us at the Direct Selling Symposium in Salt Lake City, September 23-25. It's not expensive. It's not a "vendor fest". It's invaluable content. It won't be what you know that causes you to lose sleep at night. It will be what you haven't learned yet.

New Start Ups

1Custom designed compensation plans that perfectly fit your business. Never ending support. Fixed price service package – no hourly billings

Fix a Broken Plan

2Amazingly effective methodology that energizes your sales force with proven compensation best practices and growth strategies while significantly reducing the risks that come with change

Plan Review

3Professional analysis and review of strengths and weaknesses of your compensation plan compared to industry best practices

Executive Training

4Private training workshops for your executive team that helps them leverage their experience and industry knowledge with industry best practices