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Why do some direct selling companies have rocket-like growth and sustained prosperity, while others struggle to lift-off or sustain momentum?


Successful companies create harmony beginning with their core company values and culture,
all the way through the compensation plan, to the training in the field.

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Successful compensation plans must be founded on core principles

Every company is different, and we design every plan using a proven process and methodology.

Process and Methodology

Start-Up Companies

High Performance World Class Compensation Design

Launch with Confidence

We create custom designed compensation plans that perfectly fit your business. We provide never-ending support. We work off a fixed price service package with no hourly billings. That means no surprises.

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Compensation Plan Changes

No one has more compensation plan experience or better track record

100% Client Satisfaction

We use an amazingly effective methodology that energizes your sales force with proven compensation best practices and growth strategies while significantly reducing the risks that come with change.

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Focus on your business and learn best practices from leading direct selling executives at the DSA Direct Selling Boot Camp. This peer-imparted wisdom can be put to work the moment you return to the office. Invest in your future for $199 and build the new relationships that will carry your business forward.

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We Have Worked With Over 800 Satisfied Direct Sales companies


Dan Jensen Consulting is trusted by many of the largest, most established companies in the Direct Selling industry to navigate their unique nuances to create meaningful and prosperous change for the company and the field alike!

“Dan and Andi designed my plan with me several years ago.  Since then, nearly 10,000 consultants have joined Traci Lynn Jewelry. They love our compensation plan! It works! It’s a vital part of our success. I cannot thank Dan and Andi enough for helping us achieve our dreams. And our future looks brighter than ever.”

Dr. Traci Lynn

Founder & CEO, Traci Lynn Jewelry

“We can’t thank you enough for the positive experience we had working with you and your excellent team. As a new company, your expertise and patience in teaching the best practices of compensation plans has been invaluable. As a new company we were sceptics on making the investment. After going through the process we have realized that investing in your service was one of the best things we could have done as a new Direct Sales company. We feel confident moving forward with the plan we worked together to create. It will allow us to generously provide for our sales force, while maintaining a stable financial company, now and in the future.”

Bryan Heiss

Co-Founder & CEO, Snapology Jewelry

“In my over 20 years experience in the Network Marketing Industry, active from West to East Europe, from North America to Asia, I have never met a person with more knowledge of compensation plans as Dan Jensen. A good compensation plan is all about influencing behaviors of representatives. Dan Jensen and his team, Andi and Brian, understand this as no one else in the Network Marketing industry. They have a very high standard of integrity for the industry and for all people. They are simply the best!  uSario could never  become so successful without the help of Dan Jensen Consulting.”

Henk Deipbrink

Founder uSario

“Our experience with the Jensen Consulting team has been EXCELLENT!!! We were very impressed with their ability to listen and get to know who we are as well as understand our plans for Jamie Oliver At Home prior to starting the design of our compensation plan. Their thoroughness and attention to detail around building our plan and training our team, on all aspects of the plan, exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Dan Jensen Consulting!”

Tim Brown

Jamie Oliver at Home

“I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and have met many people who claim to know about compensation plans.  Dan is different.  He stands head and shoulders above them all when it comes to compensation plans. He takes the mystery out of it and relies on solid best practices the most successful companies follow. I’ve been the CEO at several companies that use plan designs he and Andi have created. Their plans simply work and work well. He and Andi are the ones I would always rely on for compensation plan work.”

Betty Palm

Former CEO, Dove Chocolate Discoveries

“Dan, Andi, and Brian are extremely knowledgeable, professional, responsive, organized, and exceptional at what they do.  The value we received versus what we paid was incredible.  I would absolutely use them again and in good conscious would recommend them to anyone!”

paw tree logo

Roger Morgan

President & Founder Pawtree

“In all of my 35 years in the Direct Selling Industry, I don’t think I have ever met someone as knowledgeable about compensation plans as Dan Jensen Consulting.”

Les Dell

former President of the Direct Selling Association of Australia

“I want to steal them away! I’ve learned to look at our plan in a whole new way – and I want to keep the momentum going!”

Polly Caldow

CEO The Body Shop Australia

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