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About Us

We have worked with well over 800 direct selling companies in every corner of the world. No one has more experience nor had a better track record. We are confident that we have had that kind of success for two reasons:

We work from a proven methodology. We design our compensation plans customized specifically for your business in a truly collaborative process. We follow fundamental principlesto create behavior based incentives that drive success – for the field and for our client’s businesses!

We legitimately care about the success of our clients. We were awarded the Direct Selling Association Partnership Award for our work with our clients. Dan is actually the only person in the history of the DSA to have be recognized with the Partnership Award twice.

Who We Are

Having worked with over 800 direct selling companies in his 34 year direct selling career, Dan is known as the foremost “go to” guy for companies seeking best-of-breed expertise in the area of compensation plan design.
• Awarded the DSA Partnership Award in 1997 and 2007 (the only person ever to earn it twice)
• Dan has consulted with hundreds of companies on compensation plans, incentive plans, recognition strategy, business plans, technology, and industry best practices
• Direct Selling executive trainer, field leader trainer, public speaker
• Speaker and trainer at DSA and other industry events
• As a software engineer, Dan founded Jenkon in 1978 – retired in 1999
ANDI SHERWOODCompensation Plan Designer &
Strategic Expert
• With Dan Jensen Consulting since 2006
• 16 years direct selling industry corporate experience
• Tahitian Noni (Morinda) – personally assigned as elite level support rep for their top 15 leaders
• Tahitian Noni (Morinda) – part of an elite launch team to open and launch Australia and Taiwan markets
• Jenkon – specialist in compensation plan setup, design specifications, commission auditing and accuracy validation
• Direct Selling consultant on operations, internal process flows, staff development
• Compensation plan specialist working with her father, Dan Jensen, since 2006
• Public speaker, field trainer, executive trainer & instructor
• Distributor for several direct selling companies (party plan and non-party plan)
• Designed hundreds of compensation plans for all types of direct selling companies
BRIAN JENSENTechnology and Implementation Lead
• Joined Dan Jensen Consulting in 2011
• 8 years as IT Director and Compensation Plan Administrator for a party plan direct selling company.  Also did field training on their compensation plan
•  Jenkon – compensation plan and technical support specialist
• Compensation plan modeling  specialist – created a high performance commissions engine that rapidly calculates commission payouts
• Technology project manager and integration specialist