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Reese Poyfair Richards
Reese Poyfair Richards
Unmatched Direct Selling Law Expertise
The environment in which the MLM and direct selling industry must operate has put a premium on effective legal counsel. Direct selling and MLM companies must strategically and tactically prepare for this environment. Such preparation demands a breadth and depth of experience from your attorney in all aspects of corporate operations, as well as in the law of direct selling and multilevel marketing.

The legal services we provide extend far beyond the specific laws surrounding the MLM and direct selling industry. Indeed, our comprehensive legal services are designed to help you successfully navigate the expansive labyrinth of federal, state and international statutes and regulations, as well as the confusing world of contracts, litigation, labor and other law associated with domestic and international business.
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Thompson Burton PLLC
Thompson Burton PLLCKevin Thompson / Kevin Grimes
Thompson Burton PLLC is one of the most sought after law firms in the country in the direct sales industry. It’s a full service law firm based in the quickly growing area of Nashville, Tennessee. Thompson Burton utilizes creativity, technology, flexibility and innovation to more effectively deliver information and connect with clients. The Firm is committed to delivering exceptional results while maintaining its vision for transparency and accessibility. The firm offers specialists in the areas of network marketing compliance, FDA law, litigation and government investigations.
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Babener and Associates
Babener and Associates
We’ve started companies like Melaleuca, Usana, Nerium, Nikken, Excel, and Team National. We’ve been an active MLM legal advisor to New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) companies like Avon, Herbalife, and NuSkin, as well as provided legal advisory to industry leader Amway. Whether you are a direct selling startup or established MLM company, we are here and available to be your most trusted advisor and MLM attorney. Consider us your “concierge,” legal advisor, available to you 24/7. We know this business. We even teach direct selling at universities and at the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and we have chaired more than 70 national conferences on starting and running the MLM company. Your success is imperative to us.
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Nehra and Waak
Nehra and Waak
Nehra & Waak has conducted its practice focused exclusively on direct selling clients and matters for more than 25 years. Our two attorneys each has more than 30 years of experience representing employers and clients in the network marketing business.
The firm has long been a member of industry trade associations including DSA, DSWA, ANMP, MLMIA, and TAMM. Both Founder Gerry Nehra and Richard Waak, now the firm’s Principal Attorney, have written extensively on direct selling issues, and spoken at both company and trade association events.
The firm’s services are priced to attract the small and very small start-up entrepreneurs comprising our primary target market. Our motto remains that: “No company which has retained this firm prior to launch has been shut down by a regulator.”
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