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Start-Up Companies

  • Every compensation plan is custom designed to perfectly align with your business
  • Focus on best practices and proven principles of successful compensation plans
  • Party Plan and MLM – all types of compensation plans can be designed
  • Fixed price service package – no hourly billings
  • 100% of our clients love us…  really!
  • A perfected methodology to design and launch the best compensation plan for you and your business
  • Extensive training and support
  • International or single country
  • Professional review of your proposed compensation plan

Compensation Plan Changes

  • Proven methodology for fixing & enhancing poorly performing compensation plans
  • Six step process produces results:  diagnostics, design & modeling, transition plan, leader roll out & training, field release, post launch monitoring
  • Modeling details show before & after results for every leader and distributor for the new plan compared to old
  • 100% client satisfaction achieved
  • Party Plan and MLM
  • International or single country
  • Professional review of your compensation plan
  • Executive training on industry best practices and compensation plan design