Commissions Modeling 2016-10-13T16:14:02+00:00

You have a newBrian compensation plan or changes to an existing one that you want to test against past history.  But how?  Dan Jensen Consulting has developed perhaps the fastest and most flexible commissions modeling engine ever created.  And the output reports?  Amazing.

Key features include:
  • Quick setup of your compensation plan within a few weeks
  • Import your historical data OR create unlimited test data for modeling (or both)
  • All values are stored as parameters and quickly adjusted as desired
  • A 1 million name lineage structure with 50% activity can usually calculate commissions in under 10 minutes
  • Full audit trail to validate all calculations and results
  • Extensive output reports in Excel format (or other formats if preferred)
  • Reports reflect your specific compensation plan requirements
  • Any compensation plan can be modeled:  retail profit, volume seller bonuses, uni-level, stair-step, generational overrides, binary, check match, advancement bonuses, bonus pools, and others
  • International cross border sponsoring supported
  • Full version control to track compensation plan changes
Build a New Lineage Structure

If you don’t have sufficient historical data to test your compensation plan, we can build a lineage structure based on an extensive set of parameters including:

  • Number of front line legs to company
  • Attrition rates produce more accurate walk forward results over time
  • Variable sponsoring rates models closer to real life sponsoring patterns
  • Monte Carlo value selection for almost all settings enhances the predictive accuracy of the model results
  • International cross border sponsoring supported