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Start-Up Companies

  • Every compensation plan is custom designed to perfectly fit your business model, profit margins, selling approach, and personal preferences (if any).
  • You make the final decisions on every aspect of the plan so it perfectly fits your business and approach
  • Party plan and MLM – we design ALL types of compensation plans.  We will help you pick the best plan type for your business.
  • International or single country plans
How long does it take?
  • 8 to 10 weeks for the final compensation plan document including all of the definitions, rules, examples, etc. – usually a 20+ page Word document. This is the document you will give to your software provider and attorney.
First 2 weeks Predesign training and business analysis. Create a budget for the compensation plan payout at $100 million / year revenues
Next 3 to 6 weeks Design phase. Review our custom designed plan proposal and develop and enhance it until it is perfect
Next 2 to 3 weeks We develop the future cost estimate of the plan (Plan Payout Estimator) and review it with you. Final adjustments to the plan are made so it fits within a long term budget. We create the Software & Business Rules Document (SBRD) adding highly detailed rules, definitions, and policies to the plan document for the software programmers, your industry attorney, etc. The final document is often about 30 pages in length.
Next 3 to 6 months Post design phase focuses on “train the trainer”, commissions audit training, working with your software provider to help them program your plan correctly, and general help and support to you as needed.
Complete Plan Design Service Package – $11,500 fixed fee service package – no hourly billings
  • Private training: 4 hours of private training on compensation plan design best practices and principles that help you take an active role in the design of your compensation plan.
  • Budget financial model:  We will work together with you to determine the optimum percentage of sales you should pay your sales force and leaders through your compensation plan.
  • Business assessment:  We identify every aspect of your business that may influence how your compensation plan is designed. The best plans are always designed to fit your business model and selling approach in perfect harmony.
  • Payout Estimator: We create a unique and vital tool for your specific compensation plan that shows the details of how much it will cost at maximum load. No more guess work on whether the plan will bankrupt you or fit within your budget. No other plan designers provide this crucial planning tool.
  • Software & Business Rules Document: Most commission check errors are the result of the programmers not understanding the rules of the compensation plan. This highly detailed document is written specifically for the needs of your programmers and contains all of the detailed rules, policies, and definitions they require. No other team creates as comprehensive and detailed compensation plan documents.
  • Software selection: While we do not help you choose your vendor or make specific recommendations, we will help you identify unique and important software requirements specific to your business. This may save you thousands of dollars in unexpected custom programming costs.
  • Hostess Rewards Program (party plan only):  Training is provided on best practices for Hostess Rewards programs. We work with you to develop create a program that is both attractive and financially viable.
  • Our extensive commissions programming experience helps us to help your programmers (whoever they are) to understand your compensation plan correctly. This will help avoid most of the programming errors causing incorrect commission checks.
  • Long term support – answer questions from your senior staff on the compensation plan at any time in the future at no charge
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
Post-Design Optional Implementation Services – $6,400 for all services listed below or individual services available at the prices shown.

After completing the design of a Compensation Plan, we often provide our clients with post-design services to help them ensure the plan is implemented properly. All of the services below are included in the fixed Implementation Service package of $6,400 but they may be purchased separately at the prices shown:

  • Train the Trainer – $2,500 if purchased separately:  One of the greatest challenges new companies face during their launch is learning how to teach and train their compensation plan to their sales force. The Train the Trainer service addresses that through a mixture of recordings and practice sessions. We start by doing offline recordings of us teaching your compensation plan, module by module. Once your team has had the opportunity to listen to these and practice them, then we have several online training sessions where you share with us how you would teach the plan, giving us an opportunity to improve your understanding and explanation of the plan.
  • Working with your Software Provider – $3,000 if purchased separately:  Proper testing and vetting of documentation is critical in working with your software vendor. We assist in a variety of ways:
    • Answer plan design questions with your software programmers to ensure that their understanding of the compensation plan is correct. Once you have provided the detailed Compensation Plan document to your software vendor and they have reviewed it, we will participate in meetings with you and them where they can get answers and clarity on different aspects of the plan they are unsure about.
    • Technical Software Document Review: some software providers prepare a highly detailed document that explains how they will program your compensation plan into their software. Any errors found in this document will create errors in how your commission payments are calculated. We will edit and correct this document for you (often requires 20+ hours of work on our part).
    • Prelaunch software testing training – we teach you how to make sure your software works before you turn it on. Additional software testing services available on an hourly basis, depending on schedule availability.
  • Commissions Auditing and Validation Training – $3,000 if purchased separately:  We provide training on the crucial skill of auditing a commission run and help you in up to three “live” commission runs as you go through the process of auditing. This is a crucial skill to avoid sending out checks that are wrong and losing the trust and confidence of your sales force
  • Marketing Materials Review – $1,000 if purchased separately:  We will review and correct the field materials you create that describe how the plan works such as web pages, distributor manuals, brochures, etc., to avoid making expensive mistakes in your published documentation on the plan
  • Developing the grow and popularity of your social media with

Nobody offers so much to help your new business succeed.  This is one reason every client we have worked with in the last 12 years recommends us. 100% client satisfaction. No exceptions. No kidding.