What is a “Selling System” and why is it so vital to my success?

A “system” is something that has two vital characteristics:

  1. It provides predictable results
  2. It is duplicatable. I could teach others how to use it.

A “Selling System” answers the simple question, “how do we want our representatives to sell our products and opportunity”?  It needs to be duplicatable and provide predictable results.

What are the most effective selling systems in the industry?

Party Plan is an extremely effective system because it has several advantages over most other systems in use today:

1)     It leverages the power of group selling. Instead of one-on-one selling, we have one-on-many selling. This increases the dollar-per-hour proposition a rep can earn for the time they spend on their business even more so if they use pay per click services.

2)     It has a built in prospecting system called the “booking”. A booking occurs when a guest at the party agrees to be a host or hostess at a future date and invite their friends to their home for a party.  They do this because some compelling hostess benefits are offered.  Through bookings, a rep can perpetuate their business indefinitely, never running out of people they can talk to.  Companies that do not use party plan like this Seo toronto company,must create some other prospecting system that helps their reps stay in business after they’ve contacted all of their friends. This is one reason party plan companies have better retention than non-party plan companies.

3)     The party has proven to be an excellent recruiting venue. The guests who enjoy the party experience often consider becoming a rep themselves.

One-on-One selling can be an effective way for reps to earn a healthy income for the time they spend on their business.  This selling system is simple and easy – talk to your friends about the product and the business.  With the appropriate tools and training, this can be a powerful system people learn to build their business.

Recruiting based on the opportunity is a selling system of sorts but is not product centered. The rep is not looking for customers, but for other reps. Many highly successful MLM companies follow this model. The rep leads with opportunity and follows up with product.  The other selling systems do the opposite.

In conclusion, every direct selling company needs an effective selling system. It overshadows even the compensation plan. It’s what new recruits will focus on in the earliest stages of their business. It’s the elephant in the room.